Saturday, 24 June 2017

30 Things To Do In London

Today's finally the day - I'm going to London!! This is one of the most exciting days for me in a really long time!

I once did a post like this about 30 Things To Do In Berlin because it's my hometown and Berlin is just a beautiful city for sightseeing, shopping and meeting new and interesting people. So I thought "Why not do a post about things to do in London?" - I've been to London before and I almost love that city as much as I love Berlin, to be honest, and that rarely happens with cities for me. It's either Berlin for me or nothing, ha! :P
But with London, it's the complete opposite - I almost feel at home there. It sounds SO weird but it's just how I feel about the city and everything else about it!

So down below I have made a list of 30 things to do in the beautiful city of London! :)

1. Big Ben
2. London Eye
3. Madame Tussauds
4. Skygarden
5. Harrods
6. Buckingham Palace
7. Hyde Park / Speaker's Corner / Kensington Palace
8. Piccadilly Circus
9. Trafalgar Square
10. 221B Baker Street / The Sherlock Holmes Museum
11. Tower Of London
12. Tower Bridge
13. Westminster Abbey
14. St Paul's Church
15. British Museum
16. London Zoo
17. Regent's Park
18. Camden Market
19. Oxford Street
20. Museum Of London
21. King's Cross Station
22. St James's Park
23. Covent Garden
24. Leadenhall Market (for Harry Potter Fans)
25. Australian High Commission (for Harry Potter Fans)
26. Science Museum
27. Primrose Hill
28. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
29. The Shard
30. SEA Life London

That's quite a list, isn't it? But I hope I could mention the one or other place to visit for your next trip to London! :) Also please do leave other places to visit in the city in the comments down below - I love to discover new areas of my favourite city!

Which city do you like best? x


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Friday, 23 June 2017

L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

Today's finally the day of my Graduation Dance and I'm SO excited! I love my dress and everything else that I'm going to wear - got a tiara as well, of course! - and I can't wait to have the first dance with my boyfriend tonight! Very excited, yet very nervous as well... I'm a loser at dancing! 😭

However, today's post is not about my dance, it's about my new favourite mascara - the L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara!

I mentioned this in my recent Highstreet Haul and I was so excited to give it a try as I had seen many good reviews about this mascara already!

Let's start with the packaging! I have always been loving the packaging of the L'Oreal mascaras but this one is my favourite so far! The pastel colours go so well together and I just love them!

The brush of the Miss Baby Roll Mascara might look a bit scary when you first open the bottle but it's amazing for applying the mascara evenly and from the roots to the tips of your lashes. This mascara has seriously stepped up my lash-game by 110%, I tell you! I've been getting so many compliments on my lashes lately - always wearing this mascara, of course - and they look incredible all day long!

It's the first time that the TV adverts actually show the "real" effect of a mascara and I didn't expect that at all! I might go as far as saying that the Miss Baby Roll has replaced my Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara and that's been my all time favourite mascara for years!

I truly and highly recommend this mascara! It's such an affordable and incredible product and I'm not exaggerating or anything - this mascara has truly changed the way my lashes look throughout the day!

Have you tried this one yet? If so, how do you like it? x


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