Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mini Room Decor Haul

Hello lovelies and welcome to my weekly Wednesday post :-) ♥

In today's written thoughts of mine I'm going to show you three of the newest purchases I made. 

The first thing you can see here is a small bouquet of pink and lilac flowers which I put into a rosé coloured vase. I'll be trying to do my best to put these little beauties into most of my blog photos so I can actually make a small process in the things I'm doing.

Another great thing I purchased is something I wanted to have for a couple months now and last week I finally found it!
*drum roll*
A new lamp for my (make up) desk :D

I really adore the light that this lamp is bringing onto the projects I'm working on, whether it is while doing my make up or my homework for school. 

And last but not least, the greatest thing I've purchased in a long time: a mirror. Yes, it's only a mirror but this thing really does its job. 
Like I said, my desk is also the place I'm doing my make up on so of course I need a mirror. Before I bought this one I did my make up in front of a small drugstore one. 
But now!
I can't even tell you how much easier it is to apply my make up!

This probably didn't give you the "wow-effect" because let's face the truth: it's just a simple mirror. 
But I love it and it really makes a difference :-)
And please excuse the weird surrounding; I'm not a master at taking photos of a mirror without being in the mirror itself, ha. 

So here is a final photo of my desk with the lamp and the mirror :-) 

Underneath is just another photo of the small flower bouquet because I actually really like this one. It kind of gives me the feeling of being a very talented photographer ^-^ (Probably just a simple photo, isn't it?)

However, this was my Wednesday post for this week and I hope to see you back on here on Friday! :D

Have a lovely day ♥

  Melanie x
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