Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Current YouTube Faves!

Today's post is going to be a little different to the ones I normally do - since there are mostly reviews on beauty products so far - but I just wanted to try something new.
I'll be listing (some) of my current YouTube faves; as you can obviously read by the title and the first image, ha :P

And getting right into it, the first person I'd like to mention is Zoella aka Zoe Sugg. If you have been reading my blog for a while you should have already seen that Zoe is a huge inspiration for me and also a big role model. She's taught me how to deal with anxiety and I'm still kind of fangirling every time I see a new video on her channel :-)

Just to stay in the Sugg family, the second YouTuber I'm mentioning here is ThatcherJoe also known as Joe Sugg and Zoe's brother. 
Now what can I say? He's funny, good looking, he can sing and he's got a successful channel on YouTube. What else could you possibly be looking for in a guy? haha :D
So yeah, his videos are awesome and his vlogs are as well. 
But keep in mind: he's not a daily vlogger (sorry for the inside joke).

Next one to mention: PointlessBlog aka Alfie Deyes and Zoe's boyfriend. Since the day I read that they are a thing I couldn't be any happier. Two of my most favourite YouTubers together! I knew this was going to make their fans very excited for upcoming videos so of course I enjoy watching both of their main channels and (daily) vlogs.

The fourth person in this list is...... 
Caspar Lee!
Surprise surprise! Another British YouTuber. You might also know him as Joe's roommate and best friend. Personally I think Caspar is just such a cute and funny guy. Like, he can upload a video of him and Joe talking complete nonsense and I'd still watch it. 
And well, he's good looking soo...^-^

Number fiiiive: Sprinkleofglitter or also known as Louise or Zoe's chummy. 
Now truth be told: friendship goals af. 
They've known each other for so long and are still best friends. Plus, Louise has the most adorable little daughter on this whole planet. Little Darcy (or Baby Glitter) always makes me smile; especially when she's hugging her favourite Disney princesses in Disney Land, awh. ♥

I've only just discovered this next YouTuber/blogger last year but I'm so very glad that I did. Her name is Victoria aka Inthefrow.

Her blog is amazing, her videos are great and I always enjoy watching them. I especially like her beautiful lilac haircolour. It suits her so very well; I wish I could pull off a colour like that.
But yeah, she's a gorgeous young woman and I absolutely adore her :-)

And last but not least we're going to fly over to the United States and voilĂ , there's the last YouTube personality that I want to present to you: Aspyn Ovard. And to be completely honest with you guys, Aspyn was the first beauty guru that I started watching when I discovered the world of YouTube a couple of years ago. All in all she has been my favourite ever since and nothing has changed my opinion on that.

Of course there a whole lot of other channels that I like watching but these are the most recent and my favourite ones.

I also enjoy:
Marcus Butler
Niomi Smart
Tyler Oakley
Tanya Burr
Jim Chapman
So these were a lot of (British) YouTubers for only one post, ha. Normally I watch completely random videos as well but I'm not going to link down all of them in here, duh. 

I do watch German YouTubers and I also have some favourite channels in that category but I think I'll do a post in my first language some day where you can find my most favourite German YouTube channels :-)

Now, who are your current YouTube faves? I'd really like to know so leave a word in the comments down below!

I really hope you enjoyed this, have a lovely day and make sure to subscribe! ♥

  Melanie x
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