Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Mel Merio Frozen Crystals EDP

Today I'm going to be reviewing my new EDP which is the Frozen Crystals Limited Edition by Mel Merio (5,99€).
I have only picked this up recently from a German drugstore called "Rossmann" if any of you are familiar with that. 

And now let me tell you, this stuff smells amazeballs. I
 don't think there any words to describe the scent because I'm not even sure what it smells like. 
The name Frozen Crystals and the packaging to it might remind of Winter, cold days and snow but it smells more like a fresh and sunny Spring day to me. Which is the total opposite but apparently that's just how my nostrils work ^-^

The little bottle of 50 ml that the perfume is in looks like shown in the picture above. I have already had a couple of Mel Merio perfumes and they all looked the same apart from the liquid colour of the perfume itself. And as you can see this perfume has a very lovely blue colour to it.

Personally this has been one of my favourite perfumes ever so far and I'm wearing it almost every day.
However, I'm not that much of a fragrance person but when there's a scent I really like I'm wearing it on a daily basis until I find a new one :P

And that was it for today's post already :-)
I hope you enjoyed it and have a lovely day!
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  Melanie x
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