Monday, 20 April 2015

My Favourite Apps: From Instagram to HayDay!

Welcome back to another week on my blog! ♥
We all probably have a smartphone or something similiar to that. So we tend to use different kind of apps (=applications) every now and then. 

In this post I'm going to name some of my favourite ones that I'm using at the moment :-)
Only one game is included but that should be enough though, ha.

And to start this list with my all time favourite app:
I have been using this app on a daily basis the past few weeks and o to the m to the g, I love it! Although I don't post many photos on my account I do tend to like and comment on other photos and get some inspiration for the stuff that I'm doing (my blog, makeup, outfits, etc).

It's quite hard to find a person who doesn't use WhatsApp nowadays, isn't it? I'm so glad this app exists as I can always message my friends and I'm not charged a cent for that; and the 0,89€ after a years of using it are not that much compared to other messaging applications.

I don't send these so called "snaps" very often but I do like that it has a messaging part as well. I also like that a good amount of celebrities and others post their stories on there as it makes it a little more personal and interesting yet they don't reveal too much. This might sound wrong but ya know what I mean.
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I'm now completely honest with you guys: HayDay is the only game I'm playing at the moment. It's just so much fun although it doesn't look like it. Some people I know rather play Clash of Clans or Crossy Road but I simply like the own story you can write behind this game. You don't have to follow a gameplay, you can just go through this game however you'd like :D

In January this year I decided to try an offer for three months premium usage of the Spotify player for only 0,99€. Which is frickin' cheap as it would have normally cost me 30€!
But in the beginning of the month of April that premium package expired and what can I say? The player without any premium features is just useless. But I still thought I could mention it in the list of my favourite apps as it has been my dearest companion for every day.

Yes, I do watch videos on the go and when I'm in school because yeah, I don't have anything better to do with my life. The YouTube app is just a basic app and I can't really say anything else to it, ha :P

Obviously this has been one of my favourite smartphone apps ever since I started using Twitter. The newest updates made it even more user-optimised and I really like the look of it now. 

The last two apps are just some photo editing apps I only recently started using for my Instagram images. They're called No Crop and Pixlr. And they're amazing, 'nuff said.

Well yeah, these are my most used apps at the moment. Of course I do have other ones on my phone as well but I think they're not really worth mentioning.

So thank you for reading and let me know some of your favourite apps! Maybe I can try out some new games :-)
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  Melanie x
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