Friday, 10 April 2015

My New Makeup Brushes by BH Cosmetics!

If you're following me on Instagram then you have probably noticed my excitement about my new makeup brushes. 
I recently purchased a new brush set on by a brand called BH Cosmetics along with my very first Real Techniques brush.

I have bought this gorgeous rose gold brush set which came in a stunning auburn coloured case with some rose gold details on it. 

I should have filmed my reaction when I opened the packaging though, ha. I was completely mesmerised by those brushes, can you believe that? :D Although it cost me a little more than I would usually spend on a set of makeup brushes but it is totally worth the money (Rose Gold Brush Set by BH Cosmetics, 22,95€). 

The set contains 15 pieces in total, all with an auburn coloured handle and a rose gold tip, followed by the natural and synthetic bristles; which are just so very soft, to mention that here.

The brushes in this set:

- powder brush

- angled blush and powder brush

- foundation brush

- large shadow brush

- tapered blending brush

- angled shadow brush

- small tapered blending brush

- curved shading brush

- tapered smudge brush

- small shadow brush

- angled liner brush

- small detailing brush

- eyeliner brush

- brow and lash spooley 

- brow and lash grooming brush

Applying makeup to my face is a lot easier for me now since I have only got a cheap drugstore brush set before. But these, which I think, high quality brushes are totally worth the money and give the makeup you're applying an extra flawless finish.

Not to mention that the case they're in is extremely chic with its quilted pattern and rose gold latch closure on the front. It makes it really comfortable to take them with you when you're travelling or if you just want to organise your brushes.


Next on to the Real Techniques brush. Like I mentioned a couple of sentences before I've only owned a few drugstore brushes before. So of course I needed a new foundation brush as well. Therefore I purchased the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (11,45€).
And what can I say? I love it!

It's a lightweight, synthetic taklon bristles brush in a gorgeous copper tone - just like all the other "flawless base" brushes by RT.
And yes, I've only just discovered that the colours the brushes are divided into are actual categories.

copper - flawless base
purple - enhanced eyes
pink - perfect finish like a pro

So you have brushes for each category and each part of your face. Finding out about this got me extremely excited and I'm pretty sure that I will soon buy a couple more of these :-)

I'm quite content about my newest purchases and very excited to be reviewing these on my blog. I really hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Have a lovely day and subscribe for more!

  Melanie x
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