Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Primark, H&M and Drugstore Haul!

As you may have noticed due to my tweets from about two weeks ago, I've been back in my hometown: Berliiiin. So of course I went shopping and bought the one or other thing that caught my eye. 
Primark, H&M and a drugstore called "dm" here in Germany were the places I've been to
There will also be some items that I purchased before my trip to Berlin!


Of course I didn't go shopping all by myself. My cousin went with me and the first shop we entered was the mentioned drugstore "dm". 
In there I bought a new foundation by Catrice Cosmetics. All in all a good foundation, to review that a little. It's just not the same that I used to buy though. It's a new one and I must say that I was way more satisfied with my old one :/

Next there is a new mascara which I have been wanting to try ever since I first saw the advert on TV - the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. It's making my lashes longer and thicker but - as for me I'm not a pro at applying mascara so there's a lot of product smudged on my eyelid as well, ha - it's really hard to just wipe that smudged product away with a cotton bud or pad. So it's only a little "add-on" that I'm applying after my normal mascara routine.

The Styliste Ultime Sea Salt Beach Look Spray is the last product I bought in the drugstore. 
I wanted something to make my hair look a little more textured and wavy since I've got quite straight and normal hair so I bought that exact spray - and to mention it, it's a nice spray and does what it says. But more of that in an extra post :-)

Primaaark! Of course we went in there but didn't buy thaaat much :P
Every time I visit my family back in Berlin I think about some things or clothes that I'd like to have. Where I live at the moment there aren't any shops like H&M, Primark, Forever21, etc. We just don't have that here and it's bothering me; a lot. So like I said I always think of things that I'd like to buy and then look for them when I go shopping with my cousin in Berlin. That's become kind of a routine every time I visit.

But enough about my life and more about the clothes I bought :D
This time I was looking foooor... 

A new pair of shoes - and to my luck they had them in my favourite colour *-* (price: 13€)
I also purchased a new medium sized handbag since I've only got large or small ones so this one has the perfect size. (price: 10€)
I was just looking for a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and yay, I found some. (price: 14€) 
The light blue jeans are from H&M; bought before I went to Berlin. (price: 19,99€)
And last but not least I found a Harry Potter shirt; again. The last time we went to Primark I bought a Gryffindor shirt. This time it's a Hogwarts one and I looove it! (price: 8€)
The most amazing thing in this post... Yes, a 5 Seconds of Summer shirt. I ordered it on the 5sos website a couple of weeks ago and it's my all time favourite. (price: 25€)


The last shop was H&M. I was looking for my last wanted item: a leather jacket. I've never owned one so I thought it was about time to get one.

Good thing: I found a leather jacket.
Not so good: It cost me 40€.
Which is quite a lot for me because - if you haven't noticed already - I try to be as frugal as possible and if there's anything out of my price class then I simply don't buy it. But this time I made an exception and bought the jacket :-)
The kimono on the picture above was purchased before my trip along with the jeans I mentioned before. (price: 19,99€)


So this was it for this Wednesday and I hope you enjoyed it.
Have a lovely day! ♥

  Melanie x
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