Friday, 17 April 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Hello there lovelies! ♥
Like I previously mentioned on my Instagram I finally got the chance to try the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation.
I've been wearing foundation every single day since I actually started wearing more makeup than only mascara and I've just been looking for the perfect foundation ever since. And I can already say that this is not quite "the one" for me.

First of all, I purchased this one at - as always, ha - for about 10,76€ which is a fairly good price, I think. I chose the colour 100 Ivory, which I thought would be the best colour for my skin tone. But apparently I was so wrong!
I didn't order this foundation because I needed a new one; I simply wanted to try another product. At the moment I'm using the Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus Shine Control Foundation in the colour 010 Light Beige
Colour: perfect
Coverage: medium
All in all: it's amazing for a drugstore foundation

Now on to the Rimmel one. Before I made the decision to buy the Lasting Finish Foundation I've read tons of reviews about it. Most of them were positive so I thought I should give it a go and just try it. 
And the foundation really is amazing! It's just the colour that doesn't fit at all. I thought Ivory - as it was the lightest colour I could find - would fit perfectly but it doesn't. 
It has more of a pinkish undertone yet I do need kind of a yellowish undertone to match my skin tone.
In this picture it obviously looks like the Rimmel foundation would match my skin colour better than the Catrice one but it's exactly the other way round.

I'm now thinking about repurchasing this foundation but in another colour; not too sure about that yet.

But all in all this foundation is - beside the thing with the colour - an amazing product and I'd surely recommend this to everyone who's looking for a light but still full coverage foundation. Because this is definitely the one for that. You should definitely check the colour before purchasing it though :P

Maybe you guys have some other (drugstore) foundations that I could try? 
Leave a comment down below if you do :-)

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  Melanie x
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