Friday, 29 May 2015

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Just a little review about a not so favourite mascara of mine...
In the Glossybox of April this year I received a small 3.0g sample of the Benefit They're Real Mascara. It has been my first ever Benefit product of all time - thought this was important to mention here, ha.

 However, I was really excited to apply and try this on my lashes the next morning. My first impression was that it makes my lashes look a little thicker and more voluminous but that's it. 
It doesn't give any length to them or holds the curl very long. Of course I was a little disappointed after applying it to my top lashes. But after I applied it to my bottom lashes I totally changed my opinion on this. It is great for my bottom lashes, but kind of sucks of my top lashes. 
Does that make sense? I don't know.

However, I do know that all in all it's a good mascara but I wouldn't want to repurchase the full sized product though - I'd rather stick to my Roller Lash Mascara, hehe.

On the second and last image in this post you can see the applicator of the They're Real Mascara. It has little plastic bristles and it's almost quite painful to apply this to your lashes. 

Like I said, it's a good mascara but I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to a friend who's looking for a mascara that holds the curl, gives massive volume or lengthens the lashes. There are way better mascaras out there, in my opinion.

Have you ever used this mascara? :-) If so then let me know how you think about it!

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Glossybox May 2015!

As it's almost the end of the month I just received my second and last Glossybox!
I was very happy when I saw my mum bringing me the neatly wrapped up box once again. This time it was a special edition and the box itself is really nice to look at.

Inside this lovely box there were five products - as usual - and two Maybelline product samples this time. 

In the back from left to right:
A-Derma "Sensifluid Micellar Cleansing Lotion" 75ml

Kueshi "Anitcellulite Lotion" 150ml

Schwarzkopf "OSiS+ Glamination Smooth Polish Exilir", 75ml

Académie Self-Tanner Lotion 30ml

In the front from left to right:
Maybelline "dream Mat Mouse Foundation" (sample, 1ml)

Maybelline "Baby Skin: Instant Pore Eraser" (sample, 1ml)

Stagecolor Cosmetics "Liner Stick" 5g (Colour 3117 "Burgundy")

When I opened this box I was happy and kind of sad at the same time because it was my last one for the next couple of months. Like I previously said I don't really have the money to buy myself one of these every month (one box costs 15€).

But all in all I was yet again very pleased with all these lovely things and I'm excited to try all of them!

A little extra in this months box was a little magazine though which looked like this:

I haven't really read anything from it yet but I'll do that when I'm testing the products that came along with it :-)

Once again thank you for reading todays post! ♥

But before you go: 
Have you ever tried any of the products mentioned above? 
If so leave a comment down below!

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Monday, 25 May 2015

7 Things They Don't Tell You About Concerts

Still being in the world of concert feelings and wishing that it would've never ended I will list down some things (and mostly useful tips) about concerts, that not everyone is necessarily talking about. 

1. It is freakin' loud.
Like, when people say concerts are loud, they're totally right. But nobody has ever said it would be THAT loud! Right before the concert in Berlin I was kind of scared about how much noise all the people would make and then the instruments and the music... After a couple of minutes into the concert though it was okay until it ended. Then I felt like my ears were covered with a thick layer of cotton pads or something and I couldn't hear very well for about ten to fifteen minutes. An extreme first experience though.

2. Be there on time!
I'm not saying that you have to be there hours before it actually starts. Just make sure that you're not the last person to enter the arena or something. I don't know if they do that on concerts too but in theatres and elsewhere they close the doors after a specific amount of time and then you can't go in there anymore. And it would be a shame if you missed out on the exciting time, wouldn't it?

3. Food & drinks
On most concerts you ain't allowed to bring liquids with you into the arena; I think it's for safety reasons, I'm not quite sure though. So be sure to bring a bottle of water or anything else with you and empty it - better drink it - before you enter the arena. That way you stay hydrated and you won't be told to throw your drinking bottle away when it's full; it'd just be a waste of money and water. I think you are allowed to bring food with you but if not then it's the same with the drinks. Eat and drink before you go inside and everything will be fine.

4. Smartphone camera or digital camera?
I'd for sure (!) recommend you to bring a small digital camera with you. DSLRs are not allowed in most arenas - I have no clue why though. But if you've got and iPhone 6 or a similar smartphone with an equally good camera quality then you can use that as well. I made the mistake and took the 8MP camera of my Motorola for filming instead of my digital camera with, I believe, 15MP. The videos didn't turn out to be that good and I was slightly bummed when I watched them again. But at least I've got something recorded.

5. After the concert
If you can't already drive by yourself then you should call your parents or someone else to pick you up from the venue when the concert is over. Especially when you're not with a big group of friends but only with one or two other people. 
An easy place to meet up and a raw guess of the time when it ends should always be talked about before.

6. Concert merch & cash
Most merchandise will be sold right before the concert and mostly during it as well. I bought myself a few things before so I was sure that I had something to remember this day by. I also just had as much cash with me as I knew the merch would cost me and a few Euros extra for a snack and a cup of water. No cards or anything else but my ID as they can tell you to show it before you enter the arena. In my case they didn't want to see it so I left it in my bag.

7. Things to remember afterwards
A concert is quite an emotional time - before and afterwards - and most people will remember especially their concert very well. All those screaming girls, the loud music blaring through the gigantic speakers on stage and the very good time you've had all day long. 
I only just set up a picture wall with the best photos of the 5sos concert and every time I look at it I remember the amazing time I had and how many great people I've met that day. 

A concert is also a great place to meet new friends and new people in general. We've created a WhatsApp group a couple weeks before the concert and now we're still talking which is awesome and I'm really thankful and happy that I've met all of them and saw them in person :-) It was a lovely day and it felt like we've known each other for years already!

Which was your best concert experience? And have you met any new friends there? 

Let me know in the comments down below! ♥

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Berlin Shopping Haul & 5sos Merch

Of course I haven't only been to a concert during my time in Berlin. You know I'm quite the shopaholic when it comes to having free time and when I'm in another city I spend even more money - oops. 

However, in this haul I'm showing you some beauty products and clothes; a couple of them are extras that I bought a few days later but I still wanted to show you :-)

On the first image above you can see all of the beauty products that I purchased. I'm going to write down a list of all the products and how much I paid for them:

Alverde Fixing Spray - 2,95€
Essence Gorgeous Glow Face Palette - 4,95€
Treaclemoon Showergel "Sweet Blueberry Memories" (60ml) - 0,95€4
Ebelin Brush Cleaner - 2,95€
Alverde Rose Tinted Highlighter - 2,95€
Essie Nailpolish Nr. 13 "mademoiselle" - 7,95€
Catrice Eyebrow Filler - 3,95€
Balea Bodyspray "Tropical Sunshine" - 1,95€

Just a few more images :-)


Next on to the clothes that I bought in Berlin - which was only a red plaid flannel - and the ones I bought afterwards.

( Posted an 'outfit of the day' today on my Instagram )

Red plaid flannel - Zara - 24,99€
Floral patterned blouse - H&M - 9,99€ (really loving this one!)


I also bought some gorgeous jewellery which I instantly fell in love with. Must be the colour of it... I'm sorry if the rosegold colour doesn't really come out in these pictures though.

Earring set - H&M - 4,95€
 Two mid-finger rings - Bijou Brigitte - 3,95€


And last but definitely not least I'm going to show you my 5sos concert merch...

5 Seconds of Summer ROWYSO Tour Shirt - 35€ (!)
5 Seconds of Summer ROWYSO Tour Wristband - 5€


As you can tell I spent quite a lot of money during my time in Berlin and afterwards as well. But hey, I do work for the money I spent on all this stuff so it's fine :D

I'm really sad that my time back in my home town is already over and I'll only go back there in the end of August which makes it even worse for me :'( But I hope to have a good time then anyways - which I always have there, duh :P

However, I hope you enjoyed my little collective Berlin haul and 5sos merch post today and come back for more next week! :-)

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Latest Fashion Wishlist

I thought that my last Beauty Wishlist was quite a good post so I came up with the idea to create a fashion wishlist as well and present to you the latest fashion things I've been lusting over.

On the thumbnail above you can see just a few of the things that I'd really love to try on or buy - but what a shame that I'm broke af, ha. But let's get into some more details:

1. White ripped skinny jeans
Who doesn't love a good old pair of ripped skinnies? I do own a black pair of them fro(m Primark) but I've never had the guts to buy myself a pair of white jeans as most of them are see-through or just don't fit me.

2. Floral patterned kimono
I've seen these kinds of kimonos almost everywhere in the past couple of months. And to my luck - of course - they can't be found anywhere at the moment! I haven't been looking for a piece of clothing like this for very long but now that I do I can't seem to find it anymore. Sure I could order it online but I'd rather see it first and then buy it; just to make sure that I like the pattern, etc.

3. Ray Ban sunglasses
The little headline says it all. Ray Bans are the must have and I'm quite bummed to say that I've never owned a pair of these. But I think I'll buy one when I've got the money. And a good excuse to somehow tell my parents that I spent about 150€ for a pair of sunglasses...

4. Michael Kors bag
When I first saw a MK bag that a girl in my school carried around I instantly fell in love with it. And it was the exact same model as in the image above. The colour is so stunning and lovely and gaahh... It's so very expensive though :-(

5. Trench coat
For this part of the post I chose to present the Burberry trench coat and gosh, it's the most beautiful coat I have ever seen! *heart eyes emoji*
I might be reacting a little too weird since it's just a simple coat but every trench coat I have seen so far just doesn't look as good as this one does. So I hope to be the owner of one of these anytime soon.

6. Bug blouse
I'm honest with you guys here: I first saw this blouse in one of Zoella's vlogs and I adored it ever since. When I was in Berlin I saw it in a Zara shop and I seriously thought about buying it but somehow I totally forgot about it - #weirdo. ^-^

7. Black pair of strappy sandals
Here I chose the black strappy sandals which are (were) available at Primark, I think. I really like how they have a little wedged heel - if that's what you call it haha - and the slightly thicker straps on the top part. I'd be really glad if I could get a pair like these in a nearby shop here or somewhere online. - Maybe you know where to get these??

And there you are, already at the end of this post :-)
I hope you liked it and tune back in on Friday for more!
My posting schedule has been all over the place recently... Sorry about that again.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

May 16th 2015: 5 Seconds of Summer in Berlin!

So this weekend it all happened... I saw 5 Seconds of Summer in concert! And guess what? It was INSANE, I tell you!

As weird as it might sound to some of you, it was the most amazing yet emotional day I've ever experienced. All the feelings and emotions you go through during this time are just... wow. I don't know how to describe it - sorry for fangirling though - but it was just great.

Hey Violet opened the show with two of their songs and one cover - which was Blank Space by Taylor Swift. And o to the m to the g, I love them!
But let's start from the very beginning...

I went to the venue around 11:00 in the morning together with my cousin although the concert only started at 6:30 PM! Anyways, we went there and met loads of cool people we knew from former WhatsApp chats. 
Of course we're still talking on there! :D
We sat down there, waited, sang a couple of 5sos songs - duh - bought some merch (pictures of my stuff will be added after my shirt has been washed and dried hahah) and had a really good time.

Around 4:30 PM they opened the doors and we went inside and only just waited for Hey Violet to run on stage and rock out the o2 World Berlin! I didn't really know them before but now I know that they're an amazing band! They even had a little acoustic gig outside the arena around noon and we watched them play two of their songs - loved them!

After Hey Violet was done and the crowd was already in the mood for rocking out - with their socks out, if you get the joke, ha - 5sos went on stage at exactly eight o'clock I think...?!

The concert was about an hour long and gosh, it was frickin' loud! :o And here I have to give credit to the lovely Bea from 143 Photography for letting me use some of her pictures which you can see above. ♥ 
Two or three of them are mine as well - the last one is my favourite because it seems like Luke is looking at me *blushes* - but ya know, it's just a random image... *sigh* ^-^
After the moment I took the last picture we went straight to my uncle's car and drove back home.
My cousin and I went to bed around half past twelve because we ate some pizza right after the concert, ha. 

It has truly been the best day of my life so far and I really hope that they're coming back to Germany next year! *heart eyes emoji* hahah :P Psst, I'm going for Soundcheck VIP tickets then but don't tell them yet... *failed attempt to be funny*
In the last few lines of this post I want to apologise for the lack of posts and the rare blogging activities lately. I haven't really been in the mood for writing anything as the concert has kind of made me feel more emotional than it should have... - If you're a fangirl just like me you'll know what I'm trying to say.

I'm currently in the process of improving my social media, my blog, etc. just to bring it to a whole other level and to make more of it. I hope you understand and come back for more the next days! :-)

Thank you for reading my first ever concert experience and tell me:

What was your first concert you ever went to? 

And let me know if you'd like me to upload some of the videos from the concert to my YouTube channel!

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Monday, 11 May 2015

A Day Outside: Sunday Walks

As you can tell by the photos above I've been outside with my camera - of course.

I just went for a little walk and a picnic by the lake afterwards which I really enjoyed as it has been the first time this year that I've done anything like that. 

I took way more photos than the ones in this post but I think about 150 images in only one blog post would have been too many... :P

Todays post is something different to the standard reviews I normally do and like I said in my last one - Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - I really want to change the post format of my blog. And since I also want to think about the post ideas of my readers I'd love to hear some of your suggestions in the comments down below :-)
Let me know what you'd like me to write about/read on my blog! ♥

And to finish this post with something a little more interesting, some of you may know that I'll be going to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert this Saturday, which I'm bloody excited about!! I surely will post loads of stuff before and after it since I'll be in Berlin from Wednesday on and - of course - I've planned some (shopping) trips around the beautiful city as well.

In case you want to see me tweet about the concert and everything check out my Twitter feed :-)

I hope you'll enjoy the time just as much as I (hopefully) will and leave some comments down below :D x

Stay tuned for some exciting stuff the next couple of days and I'll see you back on Friday!
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Friday, 8 May 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I know I've mostly been writing reviews ever since I started this blog. However, I do want to start posting more fashion related things as well. I'm only just trying to find the right ways to do so as I don't have the best skills in fashion photography whatsoever.
But for today it has to be enough as I'm reviewing the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara!

I have the feeling that everyone - literally everyone - has been talking about this mascara - and now I know why. 
I've already mentioned this mascara in one of my former posts - I think it was last month - in my Latest Beauty Wishlist.

Let's start off with the price though. So this cost me about 17€, when it originally was 25€ but I bought it elsewhere (not the Benefit website) and so there was a little discount, which I was very pleased about, obviously.
After about three days a little parcel came in the post and I was beyond excited to to pen it!
The wand of this mascara - as you can see below - is quite thin and the (plastic) brush is a little curved which makes applying it really comfortable and easy.

The next morning I applied only one coat of it and what can I say? It made my lashes look (at least) five times fuller - and I'm trying to keep it cool here - and it just looked so different to the mascaras I've used before.

The Roller Lash Mascara has been my most favourite mascaras of all time and I don't regret buying this at all. It surely is worth all the money but I need to add that I was slightly skeptical about this at first as I didn't know if this will work for my lashes. 

However, after I've read a couple of reviews on this I gave it a go and bought it. But it works really well on my lashes so I can only give the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara a positive review.

And here you have a not so great picture of me wearing the Roller Lash Mascara haha :P

I'm not sure yet if I'll buy this again after I've used it up though because it's just really pricy and stuff. But it's amazing, too so I'll just decide when it's time for that, ha.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as it is already the end of todays post :-)
But let me know if you're using this mascara or want to try it in the comments down below!

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