Monday, 25 May 2015

7 Things They Don't Tell You About Concerts

Still being in the world of concert feelings and wishing that it would've never ended I will list down some things (and mostly useful tips) about concerts, that not everyone is necessarily talking about. 

1. It is freakin' loud.
Like, when people say concerts are loud, they're totally right. But nobody has ever said it would be THAT loud! Right before the concert in Berlin I was kind of scared about how much noise all the people would make and then the instruments and the music... After a couple of minutes into the concert though it was okay until it ended. Then I felt like my ears were covered with a thick layer of cotton pads or something and I couldn't hear very well for about ten to fifteen minutes. An extreme first experience though.

2. Be there on time!
I'm not saying that you have to be there hours before it actually starts. Just make sure that you're not the last person to enter the arena or something. I don't know if they do that on concerts too but in theatres and elsewhere they close the doors after a specific amount of time and then you can't go in there anymore. And it would be a shame if you missed out on the exciting time, wouldn't it?

3. Food & drinks
On most concerts you ain't allowed to bring liquids with you into the arena; I think it's for safety reasons, I'm not quite sure though. So be sure to bring a bottle of water or anything else with you and empty it - better drink it - before you enter the arena. That way you stay hydrated and you won't be told to throw your drinking bottle away when it's full; it'd just be a waste of money and water. I think you are allowed to bring food with you but if not then it's the same with the drinks. Eat and drink before you go inside and everything will be fine.

4. Smartphone camera or digital camera?
I'd for sure (!) recommend you to bring a small digital camera with you. DSLRs are not allowed in most arenas - I have no clue why though. But if you've got and iPhone 6 or a similar smartphone with an equally good camera quality then you can use that as well. I made the mistake and took the 8MP camera of my Motorola for filming instead of my digital camera with, I believe, 15MP. The videos didn't turn out to be that good and I was slightly bummed when I watched them again. But at least I've got something recorded.

5. After the concert
If you can't already drive by yourself then you should call your parents or someone else to pick you up from the venue when the concert is over. Especially when you're not with a big group of friends but only with one or two other people. 
An easy place to meet up and a raw guess of the time when it ends should always be talked about before.

6. Concert merch & cash
Most merchandise will be sold right before the concert and mostly during it as well. I bought myself a few things before so I was sure that I had something to remember this day by. I also just had as much cash with me as I knew the merch would cost me and a few Euros extra for a snack and a cup of water. No cards or anything else but my ID as they can tell you to show it before you enter the arena. In my case they didn't want to see it so I left it in my bag.

7. Things to remember afterwards
A concert is quite an emotional time - before and afterwards - and most people will remember especially their concert very well. All those screaming girls, the loud music blaring through the gigantic speakers on stage and the very good time you've had all day long. 
I only just set up a picture wall with the best photos of the 5sos concert and every time I look at it I remember the amazing time I had and how many great people I've met that day. 

A concert is also a great place to meet new friends and new people in general. We've created a WhatsApp group a couple weeks before the concert and now we're still talking which is awesome and I'm really thankful and happy that I've met all of them and saw them in person :-) It was a lovely day and it felt like we've known each other for years already!

Which was your best concert experience? And have you met any new friends there? 

Let me know in the comments down below! ♥

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  Melanie x
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