Friday, 29 May 2015

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Just a little review about a not so favourite mascara of mine...
In the Glossybox of April this year I received a small 3.0g sample of the Benefit They're Real Mascara. It has been my first ever Benefit product of all time - thought this was important to mention here, ha.

 However, I was really excited to apply and try this on my lashes the next morning. My first impression was that it makes my lashes look a little thicker and more voluminous but that's it. 
It doesn't give any length to them or holds the curl very long. Of course I was a little disappointed after applying it to my top lashes. But after I applied it to my bottom lashes I totally changed my opinion on this. It is great for my bottom lashes, but kind of sucks of my top lashes. 
Does that make sense? I don't know.

However, I do know that all in all it's a good mascara but I wouldn't want to repurchase the full sized product though - I'd rather stick to my Roller Lash Mascara, hehe.

On the second and last image in this post you can see the applicator of the They're Real Mascara. It has little plastic bristles and it's almost quite painful to apply this to your lashes. 

Like I said, it's a good mascara but I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to a friend who's looking for a mascara that holds the curl, gives massive volume or lengthens the lashes. There are way better mascaras out there, in my opinion.

Have you ever used this mascara? :-) If so then let me know how you think about it!

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Have a great day ya'll!

Melanie x
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