Friday, 22 May 2015

Berlin Shopping Haul & 5sos Merch

Of course I haven't only been to a concert during my time in Berlin. You know I'm quite the shopaholic when it comes to having free time and when I'm in another city I spend even more money - oops. 

However, in this haul I'm showing you some beauty products and clothes; a couple of them are extras that I bought a few days later but I still wanted to show you :-)

On the first image above you can see all of the beauty products that I purchased. I'm going to write down a list of all the products and how much I paid for them:

Alverde Fixing Spray - 2,95€
Essence Gorgeous Glow Face Palette - 4,95€
Treaclemoon Showergel "Sweet Blueberry Memories" (60ml) - 0,95€4
Ebelin Brush Cleaner - 2,95€
Alverde Rose Tinted Highlighter - 2,95€
Essie Nailpolish Nr. 13 "mademoiselle" - 7,95€
Catrice Eyebrow Filler - 3,95€
Balea Bodyspray "Tropical Sunshine" - 1,95€

Just a few more images :-)


Next on to the clothes that I bought in Berlin - which was only a red plaid flannel - and the ones I bought afterwards.

( Posted an 'outfit of the day' today on my Instagram )

Red plaid flannel - Zara - 24,99€
Floral patterned blouse - H&M - 9,99€ (really loving this one!)


I also bought some gorgeous jewellery which I instantly fell in love with. Must be the colour of it... I'm sorry if the rosegold colour doesn't really come out in these pictures though.

Earring set - H&M - 4,95€
 Two mid-finger rings - Bijou Brigitte - 3,95€


And last but definitely not least I'm going to show you my 5sos concert merch...

5 Seconds of Summer ROWYSO Tour Shirt - 35€ (!)
5 Seconds of Summer ROWYSO Tour Wristband - 5€


As you can tell I spent quite a lot of money during my time in Berlin and afterwards as well. But hey, I do work for the money I spent on all this stuff so it's fine :D

I'm really sad that my time back in my home town is already over and I'll only go back there in the end of August which makes it even worse for me :'( But I hope to have a good time then anyways - which I always have there, duh :P

However, I hope you enjoyed my little collective Berlin haul and 5sos merch post today and come back for more next week! :-)

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  Melanie x
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