Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Glossybox May 2015!

As it's almost the end of the month I just received my second and last Glossybox!
I was very happy when I saw my mum bringing me the neatly wrapped up box once again. This time it was a special edition and the box itself is really nice to look at.

Inside this lovely box there were five products - as usual - and two Maybelline product samples this time. 

In the back from left to right:
A-Derma "Sensifluid Micellar Cleansing Lotion" 75ml

Kueshi "Anitcellulite Lotion" 150ml

Schwarzkopf "OSiS+ Glamination Smooth Polish Exilir", 75ml

Académie Self-Tanner Lotion 30ml

In the front from left to right:
Maybelline "dream Mat Mouse Foundation" (sample, 1ml)

Maybelline "Baby Skin: Instant Pore Eraser" (sample, 1ml)

Stagecolor Cosmetics "Liner Stick" 5g (Colour 3117 "Burgundy")

When I opened this box I was happy and kind of sad at the same time because it was my last one for the next couple of months. Like I previously said I don't really have the money to buy myself one of these every month (one box costs 15€).

But all in all I was yet again very pleased with all these lovely things and I'm excited to try all of them!

A little extra in this months box was a little magazine though which looked like this:

I haven't really read anything from it yet but I'll do that when I'm testing the products that came along with it :-)

Once again thank you for reading todays post! ♥

But before you go: 
Have you ever tried any of the products mentioned above? 
If so leave a comment down below!

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 Melanie x
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