Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Latest Fashion Wishlist

I thought that my last Beauty Wishlist was quite a good post so I came up with the idea to create a fashion wishlist as well and present to you the latest fashion things I've been lusting over.

On the thumbnail above you can see just a few of the things that I'd really love to try on or buy - but what a shame that I'm broke af, ha. But let's get into some more details:

1. White ripped skinny jeans
Who doesn't love a good old pair of ripped skinnies? I do own a black pair of them fro(m Primark) but I've never had the guts to buy myself a pair of white jeans as most of them are see-through or just don't fit me.

2. Floral patterned kimono
I've seen these kinds of kimonos almost everywhere in the past couple of months. And to my luck - of course - they can't be found anywhere at the moment! I haven't been looking for a piece of clothing like this for very long but now that I do I can't seem to find it anymore. Sure I could order it online but I'd rather see it first and then buy it; just to make sure that I like the pattern, etc.

3. Ray Ban sunglasses
The little headline says it all. Ray Bans are the must have and I'm quite bummed to say that I've never owned a pair of these. But I think I'll buy one when I've got the money. And a good excuse to somehow tell my parents that I spent about 150€ for a pair of sunglasses...

4. Michael Kors bag
When I first saw a MK bag that a girl in my school carried around I instantly fell in love with it. And it was the exact same model as in the image above. The colour is so stunning and lovely and gaahh... It's so very expensive though :-(

5. Trench coat
For this part of the post I chose to present the Burberry trench coat and gosh, it's the most beautiful coat I have ever seen! *heart eyes emoji*
I might be reacting a little too weird since it's just a simple coat but every trench coat I have seen so far just doesn't look as good as this one does. So I hope to be the owner of one of these anytime soon.

6. Bug blouse
I'm honest with you guys here: I first saw this blouse in one of Zoella's vlogs and I adored it ever since. When I was in Berlin I saw it in a Zara shop and I seriously thought about buying it but somehow I totally forgot about it - #weirdo. ^-^

7. Black pair of strappy sandals
Here I chose the black strappy sandals which are (were) available at Primark, I think. I really like how they have a little wedged heel - if that's what you call it haha - and the slightly thicker straps on the top part. I'd be really glad if I could get a pair like these in a nearby shop here or somewhere online. - Maybe you know where to get these??

And there you are, already at the end of this post :-)
I hope you liked it and tune back in on Friday for more!
My posting schedule has been all over the place recently... Sorry about that again.

But yeah, make sure to subscribe to my bloglovin account and I hope you'll come back to another post this week! ♥

  Melanie x
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