Tuesday, 19 May 2015

May 16th 2015: 5 Seconds of Summer in Berlin!

So this weekend it all happened... I saw 5 Seconds of Summer in concert! And guess what? It was INSANE, I tell you!

As weird as it might sound to some of you, it was the most amazing yet emotional day I've ever experienced. All the feelings and emotions you go through during this time are just... wow. I don't know how to describe it - sorry for fangirling though - but it was just great.

Hey Violet opened the show with two of their songs and one cover - which was Blank Space by Taylor Swift. And o to the m to the g, I love them!
But let's start from the very beginning...

I went to the venue around 11:00 in the morning together with my cousin although the concert only started at 6:30 PM! Anyways, we went there and met loads of cool people we knew from former WhatsApp chats. 
Of course we're still talking on there! :D
We sat down there, waited, sang a couple of 5sos songs - duh - bought some merch (pictures of my stuff will be added after my shirt has been washed and dried hahah) and had a really good time.

Around 4:30 PM they opened the doors and we went inside and only just waited for Hey Violet to run on stage and rock out the o2 World Berlin! I didn't really know them before but now I know that they're an amazing band! They even had a little acoustic gig outside the arena around noon and we watched them play two of their songs - loved them!

After Hey Violet was done and the crowd was already in the mood for rocking out - with their socks out, if you get the joke, ha - 5sos went on stage at exactly eight o'clock I think...?!

The concert was about an hour long and gosh, it was frickin' loud! :o And here I have to give credit to the lovely Bea from 143 Photography for letting me use some of her pictures which you can see above. ♥ 
Two or three of them are mine as well - the last one is my favourite because it seems like Luke is looking at me *blushes* - but ya know, it's just a random image... *sigh* ^-^
After the moment I took the last picture we went straight to my uncle's car and drove back home.
My cousin and I went to bed around half past twelve because we ate some pizza right after the concert, ha. 

It has truly been the best day of my life so far and I really hope that they're coming back to Germany next year! *heart eyes emoji* hahah :P Psst, I'm going for Soundcheck VIP tickets then but don't tell them yet... *failed attempt to be funny*
In the last few lines of this post I want to apologise for the lack of posts and the rare blogging activities lately. I haven't really been in the mood for writing anything as the concert has kind of made me feel more emotional than it should have... - If you're a fangirl just like me you'll know what I'm trying to say.

I'm currently in the process of improving my social media, my blog, etc. just to bring it to a whole other level and to make more of it. I hope you understand and come back for more the next days! :-)

Thank you for reading my first ever concert experience and tell me:

What was your first concert you ever went to? 

And let me know if you'd like me to upload some of the videos from the concert to my YouTube channel!

Have a lovely day and make sure to subscribe to my bloglovin account! ♥
  Melanie x
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