Monday, 1 June 2015

Adding Disqus to My Blog!

Just a new way to leave comments on here! :-)

You might have already seen that I added a Disqus widget below my posts and removed the standard comment section from Blogger. Personally I think that Disqus is a way to connect more easily with other people commenting. However, I've used this for quite a couple of months now while I was commenting on other blogs (such as Inthefrow, etc.).
I do hope that it will increase the comment flow on future posts as well as it might help to contact others through this particular website.

So todays post has nothing to do with beauty or fashion whatsoever but only with a new part of my blog which I hope will lead to a little more traffic and might attract more readers as well.

So this was it already and I do thank you for reading this anyway.

Have a great day and be sure to come back on Wednesday. I've thought about a new kind of blog posts which I'll be trying to write until then :-) Quite excited for you to read them though.

But until then, have a nice week ahead of you and hit the follow button on my bloglovin profile ♥

Melanie x

P.S. You can as well connect with me via Google Friend Connect :-)
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