Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Chatty Wednesday: Get to Know Me!

Hello all you lovely people! ♥
I hope you've got some more time to read today, so sit back with some snacks and enjoy :-)

Since I feel like my readers should know a little more about me and the things I've done or I want to do I thought I'd share my story with you - of course not everything!
I'll talk a little about my past and my future so you know who the person behind this blog actually is. I'm not seeking for attention or something; in case some might think that. I only want to share my story with you guys reading this.
So let's get started...

As you all may know, my name is Melanie :-) 17 years ago (on 27th January 1998) I was born in Berlin, Germany and I lived there until we moved away in 2010. 

About two years later, in 2012, I've started getting severe panic attacks and switched schools due to extreme bullying and a diagnosed mental illness - panic and anxiety disorder. 

It's not the worst mental illness a person can suffer from and it is also a very common one. For me though it had been the worst to know that there is something in my mind that is constantly playing tricks on me, trying to make me feel helpless, scared and panicky. I wouldn't want to leave the house alone or even sleep alone in my room. 

I still suffer with mild to severe panic attacks from time to time although it has gotten a little better already.

Last year I finally finished school after 10th grade and am currently in grade 11; two more years of schools to go for me until I'll (hopefully) finish school for good with my A-levels.

As you can tell, I've started this blog in January this year to combine my two most favourite things: writing and photography. Adding the part of fashion and beauty made it the perfect way for me to combine evrything I like into one whole thing, which makes me very proud of myself. ♥

After school though I really want to spend a year in another country; maybe Australia, New Zealand or the UK. I still haven't really made a decision yet but I still got plenty of time until then anyway.

And to be honest, I can't really say much more about the things I want to do after school just yet. I only know that I want to travel somewhere and maybe move to London afterwards to study there or start an apprenticeship.
I'll probably blog about that when it's time though :-)
More about the things I want to do in the future can be read in this post.

I think mentioning the fact that I want to start a YouTube channel related to this blog some day is quite significant here as well... :P

But yeah, I've left out some of the details that I don't want to share with anyone on the Internet. The important things are in here though and I hope that it makes you understand me and the way I act or maybe write a little more.

I'd love to thank everyone who's reading my blog ♥ It means a lot more to me than I'd thought in the beginning of starting this.

And thank you as well for reading todays post :-) 
Have a nice day/evening and make sure to come back on Friday for another one of these!

Melanie x

P.S.: The piercing in the picture above is not real (yet) :D
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