Wednesday, 3 June 2015

May Beauty Favourites!

How is it six months into the year already? I'm just not over the fact that it's June yet :P
But a new month also brings a post about my favourites of the last month!

On the pictures above you can obviously see my May Beauty Favourites. You might have seen most of them in some of my last posts already but they just belong to my most used and most favourite products of the last month(s).
Down below there's a little list - you know I love writing lists, duh - with all the products and some details.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
I've been loving this mascara since day one and it's probably been my most used beauty product in the past few months.

Essence Gorgeous Glow Face Palette
Normally I would just apply some makeup to my face and I was good to go because I've never really been a person to highly contour my face. But since I've bought this palette, contouring for me seems a lot easier - and it goes quicker as well!

CD deodorant "Orange Blossom"
This is a product you can only buy in German drugstores, I believe. And to me it's not really a deodorant but an amazing smelling bodyspray, ha. The scent is very fresh yet sweet and it's the perfect thing for spring and summer.

Essie nail polisch No. 13 "mademoiselle"
It's been my first ever Essie nail polish and when I bought it I thought 'Wow, 7.95€ for a nail polish is quite expensive!'. But now I know that the money was totally worth it. It's a gorgeous colour and it stays on my nails for at least seven to eight days until the first bits of colour start to peel off.

bebe Young Care Body Lotion "Wildberry Smoothie"
This body lotion just smells amaaazing. I've got the matching shower gel to this and every time I take a shower I can't help but smell at it. That's how weird I am :P But seriously though it smells amazing and the body lotion is perfect for dry skin and instantly soothes and moisturises it.

Treacle Moon Shower Gel "sweet blueberry memories"
This shower gel just smells amazing as well! It smells like opening a bag of Haribo gummy bears to me. Not sure why though as it's supposed to smell like blueberries - which it kind of does - but like I said, it reminds me a lot of Haribo gummy bears...

Catrice Eyebrow Filler
After my normal eyebrow routine - mostly just filling them in with an eyebrow pencil - I go over them once or twice with this and I'm good to go. It fills all the little areas that I might have missed with the pencil. Plus, it's supposed to be suitable for every hair/brow colour. 

So these were my most favourite beauty products during the month of May. Of course I won't stop using them because it's another month now ^-^

I hope you liked it and maybe give me some feedback ♥
Have a lovely day and make sure to tune back in on Friday!

Melanie x
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