Friday, 19 June 2015

Mel Merio "It's Pool Time" EDP

This lovely Friday I'm going to review a little favourite of mine... 

Hello everyone! ♥
It's so nice to be finally back to blogging because - as you may have noticed - I only blogged twice this week instead of three times. I don't want to start moaning about how badly school sucks and how stressing it is right now but damn, it really is stressing me out!! So I'm really glad that I have this little corner to myself where I can relax a bit and just do the things that I love :-)

Back to topic now, I think my most favourite fragrance for this summer is the Mel Merio "It's Pool Time" EDP.
First I didn't really know why my mum (!) even bought it for me because well, I normally like to pick out the perfumes by myself and see which scnetI like and which I don't like - usually my mum and I have quite a different taste in the scent of perfumes, ha. This time though she picked something that I have worn ever since she bought it for me!

The scent of this fragrance is a very fresh and fruity mixture yet I can't really tell what kinds of fruit smell like that. And to be honest, I don't really care either. I know for fact that I once had a perfume like this, by the same brand actually, and I loved it to death until they discontinued it and I never found an EDP that smelled like that ever again. However, this is exactly what I was looking for the whole time!!

Now on to some basic facts about this little gem of mine. The bottle contains 10 ml of liquid and cost about 1.99€ at Rossmann. There is also a 50 ml bottle and deodorant available. Plus, there are about six or seven other fragrances in stock by Mel Merio - which I'd love to try in the future! Not all, duh, but some of them :P

Being the little weirdo I've always been *cheeky smile* I also need to mention that I really like the packaging of this. The bottle itself would be perfect for every handbag but the cardboard packaging that it came in is just as lovely. Blue and pink are just my colours for this summer! *inserts heart eyes emoji*

What are your fragrances for the summer of 2015? Or are you still looking for the right one? Let me know in the comments down below! x

Thank you for reading! ♥

Melanie x
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