Friday, 24 July 2015

20 Things To Do When On Holidays

Hello! ♥
I'm going to start this by saying that the idea to today's post popped into my mind when I was reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven the other day and I have no clue, though, why I thought about the things you could do in your summer holidays whilst reading!

My summer holidays only started yesterday which means that I got full six weeks - and some more days - to do whatever I want, whenever I want. 
Being free for such a great amount of time is pretty awesome, isn't it? 
I can actually focus on my blog a little more and I'm so excited for what's to come this 'summer' - clearly you can't really label this season as summer because, it's just not!

And again, I'm so off topic from the actual purpose of this post... Sorry!
But let's get into it now, shall we? 

The listed things below mostly contain things to do at home - if there happens to be the possibility of you staying home instead of going on a holiday somewhere.


1. Have a good night's rest each day for a couple of days

2. Make a list of things you want to do in your free time *because you know I like to be organised, ha*

3. Make a Boots, feelunique, Forever21, etc. order *then you can be excited for the things you've ordered and write a post about them*

4. Plan and record / write some future videos / posts

5. Go camping, swimming, rowing, diving

6. Go away on a sponatenous three to four days trip out of the country

7. Tidy out your wardrobe and donate the things you don't want / need anymore

8. Make a summer playlist on your phone / iPod (and share it with your friends / online)

9. Clean your makeup collection and storage and make it look nice and neat again

10. Throw a nice summer get-together with your friends and / or family *our typical summer activity to do*

11. Pamper and treat yourself with some 'me time'

12. Have a film marathon with your favourite films

13. Read some of the books you've wanted to read for a long time *I'm already so into this point*

14. Visit a town or a place in your country that you've never been to before

15. Learn a complete new skill (dancing, playing the guitar or the piano, surfing, etc.)

16. Write a book or some short stories *that's what I used to do during holidays*

17. Watch YouTube videos *because what else is better than sitting in front of your laptop, watching videos for who knows how long?*

18. Edit your blog and give it a little makeover *which I will be doing in the next few weeks, I think*

19. Make a scrapbook for the summer holidays and write down the things you've done during that time

20. Be sad that holidays are over already and moan about how you hate school until your parents eventually get annoyed with you and hope for the next holidays so you're all happy again ...


I hope I was able to give you some 'inspiration' and ideas for the time you've got left of your holidays. Because I, for sure, know that at some point I will get immensely bored and writing down some of these ideas actually makes me think about doing even more than I had already planned haha

Thank you very much for reading and have a lovely weekend! ♥

Melanie x
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