Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mel Merio It's Tropical Time EDP

Hello! ♥
Two weeks ago I blogged about my new favourite scent for summer - which you can find here. I also said that I was sure about buying another fragrance of that brand and guess what I did? 
I did exactly that, ha.
It's this very gorgeous (Can a perfume smell gorgeous? I don't even know...) and fruity scent that's made me buy it in the first place. However, this one is the 30ml version and cost me about 2.49€ at Rossmann. I also picked up a 50ml version of the It's Pool Time EDP because it just smells soo good!!
Again, there is something about the scent of this that makes it even more refreshing to wear on really warm days. 

Those of you living in Europe can surely feel the struggle these days with the super hot temepartures - right now there are about 30°C in my room?!?!
I've probably gotten up, like, three or four times while writing this just to spritz a little bit of this perfume onto my neck and all over my torso in general because it's refreshing and smells amazing as well.

Also, this does remind me of something that I've smelled before yet I can't quite make out what it is; again. I've had this struggle with the It's Pool Time one when I purchased it and now it's the same!!
This fragrance smells really fresh and almost like a mixture of lemons, limes, oranges and vanilla. And normally I hate vanilla scented things - like candles, deodorants, etc. But with this, it's just totally different!

And because I just love all of my perfumes so much at the moment, I decided to switch between them every other day; so let's say on Monday I went for this one, and on Tuesday I went for the other one, and so on. 

I also really feel like a nicely scented fragrance can't be missed on a nice (not too hot!) summer day and lately it's just what completes my whole look and I feel a lot more comfortable when wearing a fragrance rather than just only using a deodorant whatsoever.

I guess there's a Perfume Wishlist coming your way soon, whatcha' think? Because I've been finding soooo many perfumes lately that I want to try soooo badly... And the 'o' in these last paragraphs are really getting ooooout of hand haha #SorryNotSorry

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading!

Melanie x
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