Friday, 28 August 2015

BOOK REVIEW | All The Bright Places

Hello everyone! ♥
I was in the mood of writing a book review about one of my favourite books that I've read so far this year: All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.
I bought this after I'd watched a video by Zoella where she mentioned this and I think it even was a monthly favourites video!

The novel is about Theodore Finch whose life is just all over the place, until he meets a girl named Violet Markey up on the bell tower of their high school. He talks her down from jumping off the tower but everyone thinks that it was the other way round because 'Finch' is just another suicidal 'Freak' in school. But Violet knows that he's different and when they're being paired up for an U.S. Geography project which includes to find special places in Indiana, they build up a great friendship, soon ending in a real love relationship between those two.

Theodore attends counseling sessions in school and talks about his suicidal thoughts. 
Violet tries to fight the urge to give herself the fault of killing her sister; she drove the car in which her sister died over a year ago.
But when they know that they can't live with each other anymore, their lifes change for the better.

Well, that's what you first think when you start this book...

Theo and Violet find a beautiful place with a lake that counts as one of their special places of Indiana. However, Theodore has found interest in trying to hold his breath as long as his lungs are willing to let him stay alive; which will also be the cause of this death at the very end of this book. 

One day, Theo just disappears without telling anyone where he went. He just leaves confusing messages to his friends and family; but most importantly to Violet. Of course she wants to find out where her boyfriend went. So she makes her way to find him.
But the Theodore Finch that's found in the lake by a search and rescue team, isn't the one that she's hoped to find... She's hoped to find her beloved boyfriend alive, not dead because he probably drowned.

This has been of the most emotional but also beautiful books that I've ever read! I really liked the style of writing, although I didn't like the ending as much because I've just cried so much while reading the last chapters!
It really is a mixture of The Fault In Our Stars and the story of All The Bright Places itself. 

It reminded me a lot of Hazel and Augustus...

I can only recommend this book to everyone who's currently looking for a beautifully written novel!

What are you currently reading?

Melanie xo
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