Friday, 21 August 2015

Mini H&M Clothing Haul

Hello! ♥
So I was shopping recently. Not that much of a surprise, right?

I went into H&M and I knew what I wanted to buy although I didn't really know if they had exactly that! So I went on a little stroll through the shop until I finally found the two pieces of clothing that I was desperately looking for!

I really wanted to get a white - navy blue striped shirt, and bingo, I found one for 7.99€! :-)

The second - and final - item that I was looking for were some dungarees! 

Legend has it that there are only a few childhood photos without me having my dungarees on...

These were 29.99€ but I really wanted them so I bought them and left the shop as a happy woman! What else could I have asked for that day?!

On the first photo though you can see the outfit that I combined these two items together! I think it's really cute, especially with white sneakers and a red bandana on!
Love it! ♥

Have you got some clothes in your closet that remind you of your childhood?

Melanie x
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