Friday, 7 August 2015

Sleek 'Au Naturel' Eyeshadow Palette

Hello lovelies! ♥

On this fine Friday I want to blog about another favourite of mine: The Sleek Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette. I ordered it on Amazon a couple of months ago for 9.99€ which is a great price for such an amazing makeup item!

Sleek has been one of my most favourite makeup brands ever since I ordered this palette! They have amazing contour kits and other beauty products as well and they're all worth the money - from what I've heard! I just own this beauty yet I'm quite content with it and I would always go back to their shop site and order the things I need because they're really inexpensive as well!

This palette mostly contains matt eyeshadows but also some shimmery ones - like Taupe, Conker and Mineral Earth. If you read my review of the W7 'In The Nude' Palette then you know that I do only wear light eyeshadow colours on my eye and yes, I am still experimenting with the other ones... haha 

All the colours are very pigmented but they tend to wear off with time, which also can't be controlled by using a primer - at least that's what happens to me.
But all in all, this is such an amazing makeup item that also comes in various other colour schemes - I might actually order another one soon! :-) 
I would highly recommend this to everyone who's looking for a nice and also very travel-friendly-sized *is that even a word?* eyeshadow palette!

This was it already for this week... It's just soo warm that there are no words left that I could write *wipes sweat from forehead* Anyways, have a lovely weekend and make sure to answer the question down below! ♥

Have you ever tried a product by Sleek? If so, what do you think about the products and the brand itself?

Melanie x
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