Monday, 10 August 2015

Summer Travel Essentials

Hello! ♥
If you're following me on Twitter then you probably know that I'm going to Austria this week on Friday and to Berlin afterwards! *so excited!* 
And due to that I thought, why not write a little blog post about my (summer) travel essentials? 

Actually, those are the essentials that I'd bring with me wherever I'm going, no matter if it's summer or winter. But these are just some items that belong in my handbag - or, in this case, in my little drawstring backpack that I (again) ordered on Amazon for about 4€. 

As you can see, I tried my best not to overpack my bag since I'll be travelling by train this time and I can tell you, my suitcase is so freaking heavy that I just don't want any other, heavy bag to have to carry around with me!

In my bag I packed:
- my favourite body spray 'Aqua Kiss' from Victoria's Secret 
- a refreshing setting spray so I can spritz it on my face whenever I'm in need of some refreshment
- money
- my sunglasses - which I absolutely adore!
- my glasses because I'm as blind as a bat (not really but I still need them lol)
- chewing gum
- a good book - or two
- powder and a powder brush *just in case*
- my camera (I am not bringing the one on the photo with me, I just needed something to represent my Nikon there ^-^)
- my favourite lip gloss at the moment - Tanya Burr 'I found Nemo'
- a concealer for touch-ups
- Carmex (or any other lip balm)
- my headphones 
- and last but not least my phone

I also take snacks and a bottle of water with me since I'll be travelling for a good six hours - and I can't go without something to eat for six hours!!

I would have loved to blog about what's in my suitcase, but when I tried to take pictures of it, I failed miserably... 
But, I'll be going to Paris in October this year and maybe then I'm able to take some good shots of my things to show you :-)

What are your (summer) travel essentials, that you can't go without?

Melanie x
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