Monday, 17 August 2015

Victoria's Secret 'Aqua Kiss' Bodyspray

Hello lovelies! ♥

Victoria's Secret has been a brand the kept catching my eye whenever I was scrolling through photos of beauty bloggers on Instagram! 
However, my Mum - I still thank her for that! - bought the bodyspray 'Aqua Kiss' for me when we went shopping a little while ago!

I really wish that you all could smell this right now because it just smells gorgeous

The scent is very fresh and it has helped me a lot during this summer! I'm often using it for a quick refreshment when it just gets too hot in my room; which is quite frequently.

The bottle says that the bodyspray smells like 'rain-kissed freesia & daisy'. I'm being honest here with you guys... I have no clue what freesias smell like, but I don't really care either because all I know is that I love the scent of them!

Well, I love the scent of the bodyspray itself, but that's about the same, isn't it?

Going into just some couple basic facts about this gem... This bottle contains 250ml and cost 9.95€, which I would have never ever spent for a bottle of bodyspray! 

But this was really worth my Mum's money! thehe

Have you tried any Victoria's Secret bodysprays yet?

Melanie x
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