Monday, 14 September 2015

25 Facts About Me

Hello everyone!
I thought today I'd be doing something with a little less preparation and just list some (random) facts about me - 25 to be exact - because everything is just so stressful lately!

But without further ado, here you go...


1. My birthday is the 27 January (1998)
2. I was born in Berlin
3. I'm obsessed with YouTube
4. My favourite colours are light blue, light pink and dark red *such a weird combination*
5. I have about ten to fifteen songs on my phone which I never listen to but still keep on there
6. I've only been to one concert so far - which was 5sos in May 2015
7. 7 is my lucky number :D
8. My favourite seasons are autumn and winter
9. I have a little brother whose name is Florian and he's 14 years old
10. English is my best (and favourite) subject in school


11. When I was little I used to chew on everything; like, literally EVERYthing
12. The first CD I ever owned was the official soundtrack of Hannah Montana: The Movie
13. I used to dye my hair every three to four months
14. I always drink a cup of tea before I go to bed
15. This may sound very cheesy but my mum is my best friend
16. My favourite places to be are London and Berlin
17. My current career aspiration is to become an event manager (or an editor)
18. We have a dog, he's 5 years old and his name is Kimba ♥
19. I love shopping (duh) and travelling
20. My favourite animals are dolphins and pandas


21. I play the piano
22. 5sos rule
23. I've known my best friend for about 13 years and we still text each other sometimes
24. My dream holiday would be a trip to New Zealand
25. I could never ever imagine a life without books, the internet, my family and fashion

Tell me some (random) things about yourself! :-)

Melanie xo
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