Saturday, 19 September 2015

Instagram Favourites

Hello! ♥
I have been at a loss of ideas lately and to be honest, I also have never been this negative about blogging before!

But after looking for some inspiration on the beloved Internet, I came to the conclusion to not worry about what other, way more successful bloggers write about on a daily basis but to worry about what my own readers might want to read on here. 
I'd really like to know what you all want to read (more) on here! It would be a lovely opportunity to actually set a blogging aim for myself and my blogging progress! :-)

Now back to topic! 
For today, I chose to write a couple paragraphs about my most liked and visited Instagram accounts at the moment! Thus would include turned on post notifications for that account and daily liked photos, of course. Recently, I have been loving more fashion related accounts rather than beauty and lifestyle related ones. Just because I am in the phase of 'finding my own style'.

Until now this post has been quite a rambly one and I am sincerely apologising for that but it's one of those days where I am just in the mood of writing something a little longer and hope that people actually read it.

But seriously now... My top seven favourite Instagram accounts listed below:

This Instagram account is one I just discovered recently but I am already loving every single post! Also, their Like 2 Have It page is awesome to look up all of their lovely outfits!

Simple but elegant. I think that's the 'theme' of this account with over 2.2 million followers and I am happy to say that I am one of those many followers that really love all the outfit posts!

Sophie is gorgeous. That's the first thing that has to be said. Her blog, though, is just one of my favourites out there!

Amazing photos, lovely outfits and over-all great account! Nothing more to say to this one, actually. :-)

Kati is the first of three German Instagram accounts that I present to you in this post today! Her timeline on IG is kept quite minimalised and I love it! It look so pretty and I think I would never get myself to a point where I could keep my account that 'clean' looking, if that makes any sense...!

Same goes for this lovely account, which is owned by Leonie! Her photos are so lovely and I always enjoy looking at them whenever I see a new one!

And last but not least, my most loved Instagram account/YouTuber! She's just a lovely - and gorgeous! - young woman whose videos and photos just brighten my mood every single time I see a new video uploaded whatsoever!

As mentioned, the last three of these are German bloggers and/or YouTubers that I adore very much! They all, though, inspire me to a great extent and it's always a lovely sight when I see a new post notification!

What are your Instagram favourites?

Melanie xo
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