Friday, 23 October 2015

Haircare Favourites

I have been using both of these hair products for about two weeks now and I can't tell you how much I adore them!

Both are by the brand Maple Holistics! They produce and sell organic and natural beauty products and these are just two of them!

The first one would have to be the argan special formula shampoo*, which is obviously a shampoo, duh, but it is one that makes my hair incredibly soft and voluminous! Plus, it smells really really nice and washing my hair has become a lot more interesting ever since I started using this! It smells of vanilla and honey and it kind of relaxes me as well...? Weird for a shampoo, isn't it?! But it's great!

Secondly, there is the matching silk18 conditioner*, which adds a nice shine to my hair whenever I'm using it, though, every time I do, my hair isn't as voluminous as when I'm using the shampoo on its own! I don't even think that it's because of the conditioner, it's just my hair! 
*My mum used these two or three times together and her hair looks fabulous!*
But again, this conditioner smells amazing and I do love to wash my hair with it although it looks really flat but shiny afterwards!

What are your current haircare favourites? I'd love to know!

*Some of these products may have been sent to me for reviewing purposes
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