Monday, 12 October 2015

Lipstick Love

Last week, a little parcel found its way to my doorstep and I was more than happy when I had a first look at the lovely items that were inside! 

Now, three more lipsticks* and a lipliner* are new to my makeup collection! These beauties were sent to me from the amazing Born Pretty Store! They offer a huge range of inexpensive beauty products and these, among others, are just some of their items.

I got the shades 101, 105 and 107. The last two of the colours, though, might seem a little crazy but they actually look really lovely when applied - the orange one is definitely my Halloween go-to this year!

This might sound really weird as well, but these lipsticks just have a really decent scent to them as well! Not as nice as my Rimmel Long Lasting one, though...... By the way, the lipliner I received matches that shade perfectly! It is a little hard to remove as it is waterproof but it's still great!

Nevertheless, they're very easy to apply and nice to wear throughout the whole day. The texture is really smooth and it doesn't dry out my lips as much as other lipsticks do! I really do enjoy applying and wearing them!

There is also the chance for you to get 10% off selected items with the coupon code MEEH10! :-)

Have you ever tried anything from the Born Pretty Store?

*Some of these products may have been sent to me for reviewing purposes
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