Friday, 30 October 2015

Primark Candles

As it is Autumn and now almooost Winter, I'm more in love with candles than in every other season - I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about!
Candles make a room a lot more cosy and lovely and there rarely is a day where I don't burn one of my dozen stored candles; which are all quite autumnal and Christmassy scented, of course!

I went into the Home section in Primark for the first time this week and I must say that it wasn't that big but they had some pretty amazing stuff nevertheless! In the end, I decided to buy these lovely two gems:

They're both white candles, one in a silver and one in a rose gold jar, which is obviously my favourite shade/colour for this time of year! 
However, I do like the scent of the silver one more, which is Frangipani & Peach. Now, I know that Frangipani (or Plumera) is a flower but I had absolutely no idea what that was when I bought this candle! I'm so glad I did, though! The scent of peaches and Plumera all in one little candle is amazing and I just love it!

White Flowers is the scent of the second one, which actually smells a lot more like clean laundry with a hint of something sweet, in my opinion; it's very difficult to describe, though! Nevertheless, it's a really nice scent but not very Christmassy! The silver one is not a Christmas candle either but they still smell so nice and I would highly recommend the Primark candles as they're pretty amazing!

Both of these were 2€ each and I think that's quite a fair price for such great candles. I have to admit that I did buy these exact two because of the colours the jars have but of course I smelled them before buying them and that's when I knew that I had to have these! Also, they fit in my room perfectly and they look really nice with some more silver and rose gold decorations!

What are your favourite scents in candles for Autumn and Winter?
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