Monday, 16 November 2015

5 Things I'm Secretly In Love With

There are some things that I really love but no one seems to know that; I'm sure everyone has those 'little secrets', right?
Well, and today I'm going to write down five of these because I feel like talking about them for once, and why not do that on my blog?

Victoria's Secret
The show last week was amaaazing! And the Angels are just gorgeous! I'm still not over it... haha Gigi is my queen, just saying. #sorrynotsorry

Hmm, Maltesers are the best. They're bascially a very important essential in my everyday life.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
These dogs are just the cutest and I will probably get one of these in a couple of years! Their cuteness is almost too much to handle, gaahh!

Cosmopolitan Magazine
As a blogger you've got to stay up to date with everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle related and for me the Cosmopolitan Magazine is just the best as it combines everything in one! I also really like the little samples of perfume, etc. that come with every issue...

Little Mix
This band, I tell you, is just bloody amazing! And along with their new album Get Weird they gained another fan because their voices are great and they pretty much left me speechless when I listened to some of their songs for the first time!

What are you loving at the moment? :-)
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