Friday, 6 November 2015

My Favourite Blogs to Read

I'm always in search of new lovely blogs to read, so I thought I'd share my most favourite blogs with you, my fellow blog readers!
And please excuse the random photo above; I was just looking for a nice one to put up there and I really liked this one from our last family-walk! :-)

It's not a big surprise that Zoella is on #1 in this list, is it? Ever since Zoe had her blog redesigned I've been loving it even more than before! Her blog was - in all honesty - the first one that I had started reading when I discovered the blogging world on the internet.

Another lovely blog which I really enjoy reading. InTheFrow is written by Victoria and I also just very like watching her videos on YouTube as well! They never fail to brighten up my day because they're just amazing as they are!

Kayleigh has been a huge inspiration for me to keep blogging even though I might have had a bad day whatsoever. I do tend to have those days quite often - especially when it comes to my blog - as I always think that others are just a lot better than me at this, but I want to be just as good as them! But with her replying to my emails or helping me out with some blogging issues, those thoughts of not being a good blogger just fade away immediately. Thank you for that, Kayleigh! :-)

A very lovely blog to read, but her videos are even better! I just like how her videos are set up and everything. Probably not to mention that I highly respect her for making all these videos when she has a chronical illness!

What are your favourite blogs to read? I would love to know!

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