Friday, 11 December 2015

❄ Christmas Clothing Haul ❄

My parents and I went out to do some shopping last week and I was determined to buy a cute outfit for Christmas. 
I actually found quite a nice outfit to wear on Christmas Day and I can't wait to post some more photos of me wearing this on Instagram - if I manage to get some decent photos taken...

Both items for my outfit I found in a shop called New Yorker and I must admit that I was more than happy because I didn't find anything christmassy in H & M at all.

I really love the outfit, especially the skirt (9.95€)! And I think I will wear the top (12.95€) on New Year's Eve as well with a pair of red pants and some black heels or something... It's going to be so much fun to actually plan my outfits for once without thinking that it might look hilarious!

Like I said, I went into H & M - as always -, didn't find anything christmassy so I and got a grey long sleeved crop top with a high neck for 9€ and a layered golden necklace for 4.99€ instead. It was love at first sight to be honest!

I think these two go together really well and I can already imagine wearing this with a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans. 

Planning outfits is not too bad after all actually... Maybe I should invest in two new camera lenses instead of just one and finally write some more fashion posts! 

What have you bought recently?

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