Monday, 7 December 2015

❄ The Christmas Tag ❄

We're already one week into December of 2015 and I just can't wait until it's finally Christmas!!
My lovely friend Yana from TimeWithYana tagged me this year to do The Christmas Tag - I think that it is definitely not necessary for me to say that I really just love the fact that The Christmas Tag is the first ever tag here on my blog! 


 What's your favourite thing about Christmas? 
Personally, I think Christmas is a Holiday to spend with your (whole) family. It is about celebrating that time with your loved ones, with good food and the one or other lovely present. I also prefer gifting things to people rather than getting something myself because I just love the look on people's faces when they open their presents!

❄ Favourite Christmas movie(s)? 
My ultimate faves for Christmas are definitely The Muppets Christmas Carol and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when it comes to movies! They're a must for my family each and every year!

❄ Real tree or fake tree? 
I've got a fake tree in my bedroom because it's just too small for a real one and I don't have all those needles spread across the floor. However, my family and I got a real tree in our living room because the room itself is just a lot bigger so the Christmas tree looks great in there! I also like the scent of a real tree way better, although fake trees don't really smell of anything... haha

❄ Giving presents or receiving them? 
Well, I actually answered that question already! I love giving presents a whole lot more than receiving them! Nothing more to say to that! :-)

❄ Do you open your presents on Christmas morning or evening? 
In Germany, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December so I open my presents in the evening of that exact day; after we've had the most amazing dinner, prepared by my lovely grandma!

❄ What tops your tree? 
There's a little silver bow on top of the tree in my bedroom and a large red bow on the one we have in our living room!

❄ As a kid, what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received? 
Hmm, I do remember wanting a Lego set to build my own Spongebob figure, but I never got that... *sniffles* It's not really crazy as well, is it? haha

❄ Handmade Christmas cards or bought? 
I'm not the most creative person out there so I don't even try to make my own Christmas cards - I always buy them!

❄ Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? 
There are a few actually that my family and I have kept going for the past couple of years. 
We're always decorating the big tree on the 24th together while watching The Muppets Christmas Carol. After that, my brother, my grandma and I decorate her tree together while listening to some Christmas songs. 
In the evening we all come together for dinner in my grandma's living room before handing out the presents! And last but not least, we're watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation together! 
It's bascially been like this for the past five years and I love it!

This was my version of The Christmas Tag and I hope you enjoyed it! :-) 
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My excitement for Christmas has just grown to an unhealthy amount! Sooo exciting! 

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