Monday, 28 December 2015

Outfit Ideas For New Years Eve

After all that Christmas stress and all the lovely food we've had it's time to get into a few preparations for the planned New Years Eve party, isn't it? 
I have had a look at Rosa Novias CA* and browsed through their great variety of Prom, Bridesmaid and Wedding dresses to find a few bits and bobs that I would personally wear to a full-on New Years Eve party!

Down below there are a couple of my absolute favourites from the website that I find really gorgeous and absolutely wearable for such occasions as well as other parties!
These examples are probably not everyone's favourites but I can actually picture me - or my cousin - wearing one of these. 
My absolute fave, however, is number three above. The dress itself is just gorgeous and I do love a pretty red dress for a special occasion like this!
The fourth dress above is something quite daring for me and would be a bit out of my comfort zone, in terms of material and neckline. It's still a piece that I'd try on and hope to feel comfortable in because it's just soo pretty!

However, if I had the chance I would probably go for all of these and just wear them whenever I would have the opportunity to!

My outfit for this year is quite random actually and I'm not really satisfied with it just yet... I might as well need some more fashion blogger inspiration! 
Nevertheless, I will keep you up to date with the whole 'outfit planning process' and my little shopping trip when I'm back home in Berlin - first time in years that I'll celebrate New Years with my grandparents!

What have you planned for New Years Eve this year? :-)

*This post was sponsored by Rosa Novias CA!
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