Monday, 1 February 2016

February Goals

This photo might seem a little random to put in a February goals post but in the month of January I've bascially adopted this little cutie and I really like this photo so I thought "Why not just share it with my readers?" :-) I don't have a name for him/her yet so leave some neutral name suggestions in the comments below if you have any! x Yeah, I don't even know if it's a male or a female but I don't really care; it's sooo cute and fluffy! *heart eyes emoji*

I have the feeling that most of my monthly goal posts will contain the same goals again and again but of course I'll try my very best to always think of something new so let's get started now, shall we?

First of all I definitely want to sort out my love life this month. I still hope that Valentine's Day will be somewhat bearable this year... If not, ice cream and Netflix will help me get through it, duh! I also hope that there might be a second chance for me and my "ex boyfriend that I still like a lot". Sounds so weird but I'll try to keep you updated on this one haha

Secondly, I really want to get all my posts done because four posts a week are a whole lot to write and think about. So far I I've done a pretty good job, if I may say so myself...! I also want to think of some new ideas for my blog this month so stay tuned! :-)

Because of my therapy I have to think of ways to 'ease' my anxiety and I seriously thought about a few ways to do so. That's why I want to become a better person. This sounds really weird again but I think this will help me and everyone else as well to understand life better and maybe it will help me to enjoy the little things a bit more as well.

Which is actually another goal of mine for this month. I always want to achieve the greatest things possible and if I don't then I'm devastated and beyond disappointed with myself. But I want to learn to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life a lot more.

And my last goal for February is to be a little more confident and know my strengths and weaknesses. This is basically it because I know that it will take a lot for me to actually achieve this goal but I'll do my best to give it a try!

What do you want to achieve this month?
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