Thursday, 11 February 2016

MOTIVATIONAL | She Believed She Could So She Did...

This quote has been my favourite ever since I first saw it in one of Zoe's videos. I basically made this photo myself with picmonkey I believe, printed it and put it up on my wall because it's just a really lovely thing to look at when you're feeling stressed or sad.

I do often feel a little overwhelmed with everything going on at the moment, whether it is school, my therapy or anything else. However, this quote always reminds me to just keep going because in the end, all the work has been totally worth it. 

It has also made me become confident to do things that I never thought I would do in my entire life. 
For me, things such as talking to a large group of people for example or simply believing in myself are terribly difficult and I'm so glad I can now look forward to handling difficult things a little better than I normally would.

I think it is very important to share these small moments of personal success on my blog and I would like to know whether you have an important quote that helps you whenever you're having a hard time. Let me know in the comments down below!

To sum this up like an actual motivational post: Never stop believing in yourself. If you really want to achieve something, then you will definitely do so, no matter how hard it might be. Be faithful and trust yourself with the decisions you make and it will work xx
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