Monday, 8 February 2016

Secret Garden Colouring Book

Surprise, surprise - I heard Zoe talking about these amazing colouring books for adults and of course I wanted one! 
This is the Secret Garden one and it has got lots and lots of beautiful pictures in it. There are also a few tasks to do like searching ten butterflies throughout the book or three lady bugs or something. You can also continue drawing some of the patterns but I'm not good at that so I will just keep colouring the bits that are there already :-P

I thought that all these drawings could help a lot whenever I feel anxious and they indeed help me coping with these feelings of anxiety and panic. Sometimes the only thing that can help me, though, is the medicine I was prescribed only a few weeks ago. But then there are also times where I can actually sit down and relax while colouring some parts of any of these pretty drawings. It also helps to destress and let your mind unwind. 

This is definitely the best thing I've invested money in; in a very long time!

Have you got any of these colouring books yet? x
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