Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Touch of Mint & Pastel

It's definitely been a while! But I'm so glad to be back blogging and I hope that the things that kept me from writing will become a little easier to handle, e.g. my anxiety, school, etc.

In the past four weeks or so - during my break, ha - I've been thinking a lot about upcoming posts and ideas for my blog in general and I really wish to get everything done the way I planned it.

However, today's post will be a fashion related post, which I don't write often, as you may know. 
A few weeks ago, Sonja from Happiness Boutique kindly sent me an e-mail and asked if I was interested in a collaboration; of course I said yes! That's where the gorgeous statement necklace is from that I'm wearing in the photos - they have plenty more of these beauties!

Happiness Boutique is a German jewellery and accessoires brand. On their website, they also offer free shipping, a great customer reward programme and monthly giveaways that you should definitely check out!

As for now I only own the Delight Statement Necklace in Mint* and I love it! I hope to be purchasing a few more items from them anytime soon, though!

My favourite outfit to wear at the moment is quite simple but still cute: a pastel pink blouse, a black top and a denim jacket from H&M, black ripped skinny jeans from Primark and a pair of white sneakers. I also like to switch up the accessoires that I'm wearing with this outfit, in this case it's a statement necklace, but sometimes I like to wear all rose gold jewellery or just none at all.

I've been planning a few lookbooks for the next months and I'm super excited for you to see them! 

Oh, and there's also a 10% discount code for orders over 19€ for you to use at checkout on Happiness Boutique. Just enter the code 'liliesbeauty' and you're good to go (valid until May 15)!

Lots of love x

*PR Sample
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