Sunday, 22 May 2016

Summer Fashion Wishlist

This time my fashion wishlist definitely got a tiny bit longer than expected... But for me, the season of summer is always the time to bring something new into my wardrobe! So I took the time and ideas and created a wishlist on Polyvore, including all the things that I would really like to buy this summer - I will probably just buy one or two things but it's good to see all those cute bits and pieces out there :-P 

Starting this list with the least summery item of clothing - a bomber jacket, preferably in black or navy blue. I've been keeping an eye on a jacket like this but they're all just so expensive! The problems of a broke student blogger, boo :-(

Next up on my list, there are the Ray-Ban Clubround Tortoise sunglasses, which I am absolutely in love with but can't afford, and a basic floppy hat for hot and sunny days. Both of these have only recently made their way onto my wishlist but I hope to be purchasing them this summer - probably not these sunglasses but another pair that's similar.

I have also been really loving jumpsuits lately and that's why there are a couple on my wishlist this time. I don't want these three in particular but a couple that are similar to them. The patterns are just so lovely and perfect for summer!

Probably my favourite items of clothing to wear during the hot season: dresses. This year I love to wear dresses with patterns on them, like flowers, polka dots, stripes, etc. so I hope to be able to pick up a few cute dresses throughout the next months!

Crop tops are also very lovely to wear during summer and I hope to buy a couple more of them this year! I also want to follow the trend - a little late, though, I know - and buy a few off-the-shoulder crop tops because they look like the perfect top to wear with a cute pair of denim shorts and white sneakers or something!

And last but not least, there are three accessoires that I just really like, which would be layered necklaces - love them! - and two handbags, one of them being a little bigger than the other one. Pastel pink and blue are just my colours at the moment and they're probably the most girly colours ever but I don't really care because they're just too cute! haha :-)

What's on your summer fashion wishlist at the moment?

Lots of love x
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