Wednesday, 22 June 2016

5 Things: What Blogging Has Taught Me

It's been a while - again! This time, I actually had a bloggers' block, there were literally no ideas or texts whatsoever in my head and I felt quite discouraged with my blog. 
Now, however, I hope that this writers' block is gone for good and I can go back to what I love - blogging!

In today's post I will actually talk about a couple of things that blogging has taught me throughout the last one and a half years - that's how long I've been at it, can't believe time has gone by so quickly!

I really don't know why I used these exact photos, though, I just like them a lot and blogging has actually made me become a lot more confident and that's probably the reason why I managed to make myself look somewhat presentable in public - and therefore find a boyfriend haha 
I'm the happiest person right now - of course there are ups and downs but I feel like we're going to manage everything together perfectly ♥

Blogging has taught me a lot; especially when it comes to myself and the way I look at life in general. Of course it has taught me lots of technical stuff as well and I've improved my photography and writing skills a little as well, but for the biggest part, it has made me become the woman I am today. 

Confidence. Like I already mentioned, blogging definitely boosted my confidence; not much but it did and I'm still working on getting a lot more confident and outgoing!

Freedom. This might sound weird but I feel like having a blog and setting yourself a strict schedule that you desperately want to follow but then realising that nobody is pressuring you for doing so but yourself is a big step into realising that you are 'free'. You're able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. It doesn't matter because it's your work and yours only.

Love. The blogging community or the internet community in general is seriously the nicest I've ever been a part of! I'm so glad that I've started my blog and got the chance to 'meet' so many amazing people!

Patience. Your blog won't go from 0 to 100 in a week or two; it takes time, tears and hard work, I tell you! I always thought having a blog or a YouTube channel is easy, but it's really not. I'm currently working on improving my social media performance, including everything from my blog to my Snapchat. And I hope it'll be worth the wait and all the work.

Individualism. It's your blog. It's your way of writing and taking photos. It's your opinion on a particular product or item of clothing. All of your written posts are your own honest opinion and nobody should judge about that. You can do whatever you want, like I said, and don't let anyone judge you by the clothes you're wearing or the interests you have. I know what I'm talking about; people always think it's weird because I like beauty and fashion related topics so much. Like, why would you care? It's none of your business, duh.

These are basically the five most important things that I've learned in one and a half years of being a part of the blogging world. I'm so thankful for all the amazing chances and opportunities during that time and I hope there are many more to come! 

Leave your Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc. links down below! I'd love to get in touch with ya'll! :-)

Lots of love x
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