Sunday, 5 June 2016

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Haul

As soon as I heard that Zoe is launching a new range of Zoella Beauty products I knew that I had to order a few of them as soon as they're available on Feelunique. And that's exactly what I did two weeks ago... I was still in school while they launched so I took myself some free time in my English lessons to place a sneaky little order! haha

By the way, the scent of this range is incredible!! I can't even tell you how good this smells! Oh and isn't the packaging of this whole range just so cute as well?!

The first thing I put into the basket was the Double Créme - Body Cream because I also had the body cream from the Tutti Fruity range and really liked it so I thought I would like this one as well :-P

Next up, there is the Bath Latte - Bath & Shower Milk. It makes my skin soo soft and whenever I use this in the shower, I apply the cream afterwards and it's basically the best feeling in the world!

And because I always like a cute little bad for my handbag, I ordered the Life Is Sweet Bag as well. It's the cutest little bag that I've ever seen and it just looks too pretty to put it into my handbag to be honest...  

The fourth and last product of my little Zoella Beauty haul is the Fragranced Body Mist. Actually, I've been wanting to try the body mist from the original and the Tutti Fruity range but somehow I never got around to ordering it while shopping on Feelunique. So I was even more excited to finally give this one a try and oh my gosh, it smells amaaazing!

Basically, everything about this range is just perfect; the packaging, the scent, all the different products, etc. 

Do you own something from this range yet? And if so, let me know what you think about it! :-)

Lots of love x
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