Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Quick & Easy No-Heat Hairstyles

If you'd rather wear your hair loose or in a cute but simple hairdo, but would like to attempt some of the latest hairstyling trends, then don't worry! With a bit of practice and the right tools, getting the perfect style is possible. Check out these three pretty easy hairstyles I've really been loving lately!

The first style is the Gibson Girl Roll. This is a lovely soft look that you can either do as a simple updo or vintage it up a little by backcombing the front.

To do the basic style, wash your hair the day before, so the natural oils are coming through. Then turn your head upside down and spray your hair with hairspray. Then use a comb to backcomb your hair and slightly pull at the ends, so you get a lot of volume. Then turn your head the right way up and gently smooth the hair on top with a brush, without losing the volume! Starting from the right side, wrap a section around your finger and pin in place with a bobby pin. Continue doing this all the way along, until all of the back of your hair is in a roll.

To vary the look, use a headband like the ones they sell in Primark and wrap the hair around that and pin in place.

Another retro look that is super popular at the moment are the Victory Rolls and they're also super easy to create!

To get this style, section your hair along your parting. Then again backcomb your hair and don't forget to fix everything with hairspray! Smooth the top of your hair carefully. Now take a section from the right side and use a curling wand to create the 'roll'. Hold it in place for a couple seconds, let go and pin it to your head in a roll so it stays put, then repeat on the other side. Bobby pins will flatten the rolls so I suggest using other hair clips instead.

If these are proving to be a bit of a struggle, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube that you can use to get a better look at the hairstyle or you can get some specialist victory roll curlers from

Another thing that looks great is to have soft curls flowing down your back with the victory rolls on the top of your head. To get this look you can as well use some extensions to create more volume or you can even visit an extension salon to get them applied professionally.

Lastly, a really cute and easy style I've come across are no-heat waves! This is brilliant if you want to get that beachy look, but your hair is a bit damaged from over styling whatsoever.

It works best on damp hair. Apply a curl spray, then grab small sections of hair and twist it. Once they start to twist back on themselves pin or clip them to your head using bobby pins or other hair clips. Then wrap in a cloth to sleep in a let your hair dry naturally. Untwist and run your fingers through your curls and fix with hairspray. Do not brush through them as this will make them go fuzzy!

Let me know if you liked this post and if you want to try these hairstyles! :-)

Lots of love x
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