Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Woman Cave Challenge

If I had the chance to decorate a room in this house the way I wanted, it would probably look like the girliest room you'll ever see!

Together with Chairish, I've come up with a few ideas that I would really like my Woman Cave to look like! And, just to mention it, I think if I should ever own a house, this is what my room will look like! :-P

First things first, rosegold, white, marble and pastel pink would definitely be the number one colours/patterns in that room. I'm not too sure why but there's something about this combination of colours/patterns that's just very satisfying haha It looks so put together and classy, too, I love it!

Of course, there would be lots of decoration, flowers, candles, plants, cushions, etc. I would even love to have a hanging chair because, let's be honest, these things are blimmin' cool!!

Since I don't drink alcohol, I think I would store a few liquors on a cute bar cart for when my friends come over to have a girls night in! :-) And of course the ingredients for my beloved virgin mojito haha

As you can tell, I imagine my Woman Cave to be girly but classy and just plain fabulous, with inspiring quotes on the walls, eye-catching decoration and an overall great atmosphere!

To have a room like this in my house, would be a real dream come true, oh my gosh! *heart eyes emoji*

Let me know how you would design your Woman Cave! :-)

Lots of love x
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