Wednesday, 31 August 2016

5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting a Blog

I have now been blogging for well over a year. I can tell you that during that time I have learnt a lot. From how to promote blog posts to tips on how to make sure I organise myself more. Of course, hindsight would be a wonderful thing and it would be amazing to have the knowledge I have today back when I started. Which got me thinking. This is why I thought I could share with you some of what I wished I knew about blogging at the beginning of my journey. Maybe it will help someone who is just starting out, or prompt existing blogger to make some changes. I hope it inspires you! :-)

Blog for you
Blogging is a great community to be part of. The one thing you can get engulfed in is other people's blogs. What you must remember is never to compare you or your blog to anyone else's. We are all at different points on the blogging journey and it could make you feel disheartened about your little space on the net. Remember to always blog for you.

The power of social media
Social media and a great online presence are essential for a blog. It's a way of interacting with your readers and followers while also giving you a platform to promote your posts. With social media, it can be difficult to build up a following at first so it can take time and a lot of perseverance. Facebook, in particular, can be tough, but once you have a more established presence you can get your blog and page in front of other like-minded individuals. This is why it's sometimes worth it to buy Facebook likes cheap. It's always about considering the long-term and engaging profile. Not only on Facebook but throughout all your social media platforms, can have huge advantages and impact in the future.

Promote your posts
It's easy to get wrapped up writing a fabulous blog post, but then without promotion, it could be sat there looking very lonely. This is why promoting your posts is vital to getting your content out there. Don't be afraid to shout about your work. You have worked hard on creating that piece and it may relate to others.

Stick with quality content
While it's important to keep your blog regularly updated it is essential to stick with quality content over quantity. This ensures that your readers remain interested in what you have to say and continue coming back to your blog to read more. One bad post, be it something not of interest or grammatically incorrect and full of errors, can put off a reader.

Share the love
Finally, make sure you continue to share the love. That means keep reading other blogs. Commenting and sharing posts throughout social media. Some blogging communities have set up groups on Facebook or chats on Twitter specifically for this. Another great tip is to make use of linkies. This helps get you some backlinks that can work well for your behind the scenes statistics.

I really hope these tips help you once more! :-) x

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