Sunday, 21 August 2016

Florida Room

Plants, Blue's and lots of Decor!

Lately, I've really been enjoying interior posts to read on other blogs but I also enjoy writing them for my own blog as well!
Today, I've got a post with some useful tips and tricks on how to decorate your room to make it pretty and cosy all year round!
Together with Douglas Elliman Real Estate, I have come up with a few interior bits and pieces that I would for sure buy if I had the chance to decorate my own "Florida Room"! My house would probably have to have many rooms so I can decorate them all differently! :-P

But for today, I will talk your through the process of me planning a "Florida Room" and how I'm planning the decor for my bedroom at the moment! Here's also some gorgeous Florida real estate for continued inspiration!

So first up, I would definitely paint the walls white, if they aren't already painted. White makes the room look bigger and more open and I really like that, especially when there are huge windows! For the windows, I would pick white flowly curtains to add a bit of extra white!

For the furniture, I would probably pick a turquoise or lightblue sofa. It would be the staple piece of furniture in that room and it would definitely be an eyecatcher!
For the decor and everything else, I would go for lots of plants, little bits and bobs everywhere and basically everything that would fit in with the theme of the room!

Down below, I've listed my three top tips when it comes to decorating your room, that I've found to be very usefuly, especially when it comes to decorating for the Holidays! :-)

1. Set a theme
When I was a little younger, I just bought whatever decor I think looked pretty and put it somewhere in my room. Nowadays, I think about it first and write down a few ideas how I want my room to look like! For the Holidays, I always try to go with the usual colours, etc., for example, red, green and white for Christmas or orange, yellow and brown for Autumn.

2. Keep it tidy and organised
Most of the people I know are not very tidy and their rooms mostly look like a complete mess; don't know how they manage to do that and even live with that, but oh well! :-P Personally, I like to have my room all organised and tidied because it automatically makes my room look bigger and prettier. It's just a fact and it doesn't really take long either to put a few bits and bobs away every day, does it?

3. Change it up every other month
At some point, the decor in your room will not be to your liking anymore and you will probably want something new. So just change it up! You don't have to buy new decor everytime, there are lots of cute and easy DIYs on YouTube to try and maybe you'll like those even better!

What are your tips and tricks when it comes to decorating? x
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