Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Real Techniques Core Collection

It's all about the brushes, duh!

The lovely Real Techniques Core Collection had been waiting on my Amazon wishlist for quite some time until it was reduced from about 20€ down to 10.99€ so obviously I had to get it, duh. After buing it, I read that Real Techniques changed their packaging, etc. of the collections and some even said the quality has become reall bad but I was still excited to try the brushes of course!

So the collection includes the Contour Brush, the Pointed Foundation Brush, the Concealer Brush and the Buffing Brush.
Personally, I love to use the Contour and the Buffing Brush because they fit perfectly into my current makeup routine but I also like to use the other two brushes of course!

The quality of the brushes hasn't changed at all and they're still as great as I was expecting. I do own the Expert Face Brush as well and I was satisfied with it ever since I first started using it but this set is just every brush you need in one case so it's great for travelling as well!

However, I don't really like the quality of the case because it just doesn't look really pretty. I don't know why, but I just don't like the look of it.

Owning this collection has definitely made me think about getting a few more Real Techniques brushes! Really love everything about them and I can definitely look past that case! :-P

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