Sunday, 9 October 2016

10 Things I Can't Live Without

Again, my normal posting schedule has been interrupted due to not really being in the mood for blogging lately... However, this time with my writer's block and the ideas not wanting to just come to my head, I googled some ideas and actually found the one or other that fit my blog really well.

With a three hours delay, I'm talking you through the ten things that I can't live without today! As this is once again one of my beloved lists that I like to create and blog about, I of course have to mention that this has no particular order and that everything is just something very important to me.

  • Family and pets - I'm so glad to have such an amazing family and such cute pets that are always there for me whenever I need them most!
  • My boyfriend ♥ - yeah well, my best friend, my love, my better half; he's just everything I could ever ask for!
  • Friends - well, friends are always there when you need them and my friends are definitely the best in the whole entire world!
  • My blog - it's been my greatest hobby ever since I started it and I'm so glad I decided to do so!
  • Beauty and makeup - duh, I can't even go shopping without at least two or three makeup items in my bag when I go home again, ha! #makeupaddict all the way!
  • Writing and photography - I never thought both of these skills would come in handy for anything that's going to become my hobby and they're actually my most favourite thing to do!
  • Food - pretty self-explaining, isn't it?
  • Berlin - my hometown is the prettiest, coolest and just the best; I just feel like I'm home whenever I'm there, which is normal, I guess, and next year I'm finally back and ready for a fresh start!
  • Internet - this includes my blog as well, but without the internet my blog wouldn't existing and I would have never met all the other lovely bloggers out there!
  • The motivation to just keep doing what I want - this is something blogging has taught me and I'm so glad that it's also connected to loads of positivity and a completely different view on life!

So these are basically ten of the things that my life would be quite boring and useless without!
What would your list look like? x

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