Wednesday, 5 October 2016

October Goals

With a new month, there are also new goals I want to achieve, personal ones as well as the goals for my blog, for school, etc.

This month, there are only two weeks of school, though, because we have two weeks off. YAY!! One of those weeks, I'll be spending in Berlin with the love of my life, and I'm sorry for exaggerating baby, but it's just the way it is... haha ♥ 
The month of October has got to be my favourite of the whole year so I'm really excited that it's finally time to write down my goals for this month! 

  • Get one of the seasonal drinks at Starbucks
  • Take lots of autumnal photos
  • Give my blog another huge makeover - Been planning this for months!
  • Go shopping for some autumnal capsule wardrobe bits - my first time doing this; exciting!
  • Have a great time at my first Blogger Event 
  • And meet lots of new people :)
  • Plan the last two months of the year - might actually be doing Blogmas this year?! 
  • Start saving money for Berlin - because this month I'll be receiving my first wage from my new job!
  • Get some actual blog post planning done... This can be really tricky sometimes!
  • Decorate the house for Halloween, as I do every year
  • Spend some quality time with my family; Autumn seems to be even more perfect for that!
  • Get ready and motivated for my last tests and exams before my A-level exams....
What are your goals for this month?

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